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Torbjörn Appehl started his IT-career in 1997 as a customer engineer and later country specialist for AS/400 hardware employed by IBM Sweden. Later he became program manager for the BCRS (Business Continuity and Recovery/Resiliency Services) center, building High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for IBM i customers in Sweden.

After leaving IBM in 2008 he worked for a number of business partners including Atea, Evry (Now TietoEVRY), and CGI. He also worked with Arcad Software to bolster their business in the Nordics.

In 2020 Torbjörn founded the IT advisory company Built on Power.

He was a board member for 10+ years and the President for 7 years of the Swedish User Group Common Sweden (Formerly known as Data3). In addition he was also a member of the Common Europe Executive Committee between 2015 – 2019, and selected as Vice President of Common Europe in 2023.

As the leader of Common Sweden he was a key player to move the sleepy organization into a very vital part of the IBM Power user group community. Among many things he produced a members magazine that was well known all over the world.

Besides this he started, a networking website where IBM i experts and community members can promote their services.

In 2016 Torbjörn was recognized as an IBM Champion for IBM Power Systems after being nominated by IBM staff in Rochester and Austin.

He has been organizing a number of large conferences such as Common Sweden Fall conference (It grew from 80 to over 200 participants after a members brainstorming meeting initiated by Torbjörn), he arranged Common Europe Congress (CEC) in Sweden 2016 with over 300 participants and later helped arrange CEC in Brussels, Warsaw and Berlin.

He is producing a number of newsletters around IBM technologies. A daily newsletter you can read about HERE

He produces a newsletter for IBM ISV’s in Europe that you can find an example about HERE

From time to time he is also helping IBM, IBM Distributors and IBM Business partners with spreading information and knowledge about IBM Power Systems.

As a speaker at conferences around the world he presents topics such as:

  • How come IBM i and IBM Power can be so super efficient as a platform?
  • IBM i Explained (IBM i for beginners)
  • IBM Power Explained (for beginners)
  • IBM i on IBM Power the platform of choice
  • Unique features of IBM Power (that the competition would love to have..)
  • IBM i on IBM Power – The business application platform of choice
  • Why replacing an ERP and leaving the platform often is a very bad idea
  • How to keep yourself updated
  • IBM i from 1962 until today
  • 400 Arguments for IBM i and IBM Power Systems
  • 60 things IBM i has that other platforms just dreams about
  • Latest announcements, new and well hidden functions in IBM i & technologies you should at least know about by 2021.. (A bit to long title, i know :))

Torbjörn has written a number of blogposts and articles (To be found HERE)

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Events I’ve been speaking at


IBM Business Partner event in Sweden (Stockholm & Gothenburg)

PowerUp 2023 by COMMON in Denver

  • IBM i explained
  • IBM Power Explained
  • Technologies Unique to IBM Power
  • Common Sweden (Data3) Höstkonferens
  • 400 Arguments for IBM i
  • Why leaving the platform is a bad idea
  • Opening session (Common Europe Activities report)
  • Moderated the Ask the Experts panel


IBM Business Partner event in Sweden (Stockholm & Gothenburg)

Infor Movex/M3 User Group Conference “Working Together”

Session: IT Clouds Explained

Common Europe Congress in Alicante

Session: Why leaving the platform is a bad idea

Common Poland Conference in Zakopane

Session: Keynote – Why leaving the platform is a bad idea

Common Sweden “Octoberfest”

Session: Keynote – My search for the holy grail (Why IBM i can be so super efficient as platform)

IBM PowerUp 2022 by COMMON in New Orleans


  • IBM Power Explained
  • Why leaving the platform is a bad idea
  • 400 arguments for IBM i
  • IBM Champions program explained


March: Built on Power Quarterly Update

April: Common Germany Y-POW3R DAY 2021 – Digital


60 things other platforms just dream about

May: Common US Navigate – Digital


IBM i Explained

20 Things other platforms just dream about

Why leaving the platform is a bad idea

May: Pedab Webinar

September: Pedab Webinar

September: Common Denmark Power Day (Key Note)


Why moving off the platform is a bad idea, very bad idea

400 Arguments for IBM i

Latest IBM i & Power announcements (extra)

October: Common Germany POW3R 2021 – Dortmund


Why leaving the platform is a bad idea

400 arguments for IBM i & IBM Power

IBM i Explained


September: IBM virtual even “IBM i Alive and Kicking” (put together the complete agenda for IBM)


April: IBM Sweden ETS Technical Day

Session: IBM i update

June: Common Europe Congress in Berlin


IBM i Explained Part 1

IBM i Explained Part 2

Common Sweden Annual conference since 2009

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