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  • IBM Comes Under the Scanner for Predicting Victory for Carlos Alcaraz in Wimbledon 2024 Final
    on 2024-07-14 at 15:55

    Even before the Carlos Alcaraz vs Novak Djokovic match at the Wimbledon final was underway, it attracted some controversy. One such stat suggested that at 61%, Alcaraz has a better chance of winning the final against Djokovic.

  • Inside the Three-Way Race to Create the Most Widely Used Laser
    on 2024-07-14 at 15:55

    On 9 July 1962, MIT Lincoln Laboratory researchers Robert Keyes and Theodore Quist told the audience at the Solid State Device Research Conference that they were developing an experimental semiconductor laser, IEEE Fellow Paul W. Watson Research Center, and the MIT Lincoln Laboratory —independently reported the first demonstrations of a semiconductor laser, all within a matter of days in 1962.

  • Tennis | Wimbledon 2024 | Henry Patten describes journey from IBM worker to Grand Slam …
    on 2024-07-14 at 10:58

    LONDON, ENGLAND – Henry Patten has described his journey from IBM worker to Grand Slam champion as ‘surreal’ and ‘bizarre’ after he and Harri Heliovaara won the men’s doubles title. Henry Patten described winning his maiden Grand Slam title as ‘bizarre’ and ‘surreal’ as he completes his incredible journey at Wimbledon

  • The CHRO of IBM reveals what went wrong with their initial AI chatbot rollout—and how they …
    on 2024-07-13 at 21:09

    © Courtesy of IBM. In the footrace to roll out AI within the workforce, companies are bound to slip up along the way. IBM has been open about its …

  • IBM continues to support OpenSource AsyncAPI in breaking the boundaries of event driven architectures
    by Norisa Paul on 2024-07-13 at 12:15

    IBM Event Automation’s event endpoint management capability makes it easy to describe and document your Kafka topics (event sources) according to the open source AsyncAPI Specification . Our latest event endpoint management release introduces the ability for client applications to write to an event source through the event gateway.

  • HydroX AI Teams Up with Meta, IBM to Ensure AI Model Safety in Health, Finance
    on 2024-07-13 at 12:07

    AI model security startup HydroX AI has lately partnered with Meta and IBM to ensure safety of generative AI models in high-risk industries such as healthcare, finance and law. The company claims that the industry lacks the required tests and tools that can ensure AI models are safe for use in high-risk industries.

  • IBM Goes For The Grand Slam At Wimbledon With New AI App Features
    by Melody Brue, Contributor on 2024-07-12 at 18:54

    IBM uses its AI technology at Wimbledon and other prestige sporting events to deliver new features for fans while demonstrating real-world applications of its technology.

  • Geospatial Foundation Model by Diversified Data for MIRU 2024 – IBM Research
    on 2024-07-12 at 17:09

    To improve the unsupervised training of geospatial foundation models, we propose a novel approach that prepares diverse and unbiased datasets by maximizing an information entropy of selected geospatial features. The approach introduces a weighted sampling method that ensures the inclusion of representative data points, it gives preference to less frequent data by counting the number of similar geospatial data points to increase the diversity of the dataset.

  • Step by step: IBM MQ on Red Hat OpenShift and AWS
    by IBM Developer on 2024-07-12 at 16:14

    This video walks you through the steps to deploy an IBM MQ developer edition Queue Manager on Red Hat OpenShift running on a free trial version of ROSA on AWS. This demo uses the free IBM MQ Messaging GitOps sample repository available at: https://github.com/ibm-messaging/mq-gitops-samples/tree/main/queue-manager-basic-deployment This video will show you how to: – Get access to the RedHat Openshift Service on AWS (ROSA) trial experience – Install the IBM MQ Operator and an IBM MQ developer edition Queue Manager on a ROSA cluster and access the IBM MQ Console – Deploy some sample producer and consumer Java applications running in the cluster Check out more ways to deploy IBM MQ on your choice of platform (completely free), with a free developer configuration included: https://ibm.biz/BdPmA9 Check out the IBM MQ Community: https://ibm.biz/BdKFyA ____________________________________________ IBM Developer — write better code, boost your skills, and build something new: https://ibm.biz/ibm-developer-yt Subscribe to see more developer content: https://ibm.biz/ibm-developer-yt-subscribe Follow IBM Developer on LinkedIn: https://ibm.biz/ibm-developer-linkedin-yt More from IBM Developer: Community: https://developer.ibm.com/community/ Blog: https://developer.ibm.com/blogs/ Call for Code: https://developer.ibm.com/callforcode/ #IBMMQ #OpenShift #AWS #IBMDeveloperFrom: IBM Developer

  • IBM Granite tops the SQL charts, faster chatbots with speculative decoding, & IBM AI at Wimbledon
    by IBM Research on 2024-07-12 at 15:29

    Welcome to The Short, the biweekly recap of IBM’s latest innovations and research. This week we dive into IBM’s Granite LLM emerging at the top of the SQL class, we explore how speculative decoding and paged attention help serve AI models faster, and we travel across the pond to explore how IBM AI is improving the fan experience at Wimbledon. Read more on all the news here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7217549048755466240 For more news, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, Future Forward: https://www.ibm.com/account/reg/us-en/signup?formid=news-urx-51849 Subscribe and stay up to date on news and announcements from IBM Research → http://ibm.biz/subscribe_IBM_Research 0:00 – Intro 0:05 – IBM Granite tops the SQL charts 0:55 – Serving AI models faster with speculative decoding 1:34 – IBM AI goes to Wimbledon 2:08 – Outro #ai #sql #wimbledonFrom: IBM Research

  • Meta, IBM Working With Startup to Test AI Model Safety – AI Business
    on 2024-07-12 at 14:09

    HydroX AI, a startup developing tools to secure AI models and services, is teaming with Meta and IBM to evaluate generative AI models deployed in high-risk industries. The trio will work to create benchmark tests and toolsets to help business developers ensure their language models are safe and compliant before being used in industry-specific deployments.

  • AI at Wimbledon, ChatGPT for coding, and scaling with AI personas
    by IBM Technology on 2024-07-12 at 10:15

    Learn more about artificial intelligence → https://ibm.biz/BdKrynIn Episode 11 of Mixture of Experts, host Tim Hwang is joined by Aaron Baughman, Kaoutar El Maghraoui, and Skyler Speakman, and its Wimbledon finals week! Today, we review how AI is providing insights throughout one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments and the future of AI in sports. Next, the experts break down the quality of ChatGPT for coding. Finally, how did scaling synthetic data create one billion personas?The opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of IBM or any other organization or entity.Subscribe for AI updates → https://ibm.biz/BdKryb

  • IBM: Reimagine processes to unlock AI’s value | Computer Weekly
    on 2024-07-12 at 10:13

    Organisations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region must rethink their business processes to fully unlock the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a senior IBM executive. “Simply replacing a person with a robot in an existing process may reduce costs, but in APAC, that person isn’t going away,” said Paul Burton, IBM’s general manager for APAC, in an interview with Computer Weekly in Singapore. “Labour laws here don’t allow for workforces to expand and contract as quickly as in the US, so organisations might even see costs increase as they invest more in technology,” he added. Instead of merely automating existing processes, Burton advocated for a complete reinvention of workflows to leverage AI’s full potential. “If you don’t change your business processes to leverage what the technology has to offer, you won’t get the value you want,” he emphasised. Burton likened the need to relook business processes to the time when the orientation of steam-powered machines on factory floors remained the same after electricity came along. “Nothing changed because they didn’t reorganise the machines, but when they reorganised the machines to match the workflow and moved to electricity, the machines became more efficient,” he explained. This reimagining of processes, however, presents challenges for many businesses, said Burton. “It requires different skill sets and imagination, which I don’t see a lot of in Asia. But when that happens, you’ll see leaps in productivity.” Another key hurdle for APAC organisations is data management, Burton observed. This encompasses the entire AI lifecycle, from data acquisition, curation, and cleansing to deploying and managing AI models. “Data management has been around for 15 to 20 years, but what makes it different now is that before, you were using data for business intelligence and machine learning, but with generative AI, there’s a much broader use of the data and a more urgent need for it now than it was before.” CEOs are willing to be more aggressive with generative AI because they feel that if they don’t get on top of it, they’ll be disadvantaged competitively, and it will be very hard to close the gap with competitors who do Paul Burton, IBM Burton noted that more advanced APAC markets like Singapore are better positioned to address these challenges, particularly regarding process redesign. “But in other countries, you don’t see the integration of business and technology through cross-functional teams – it’s an organisational design issue,” he added. Watsonx gains traction in APAC IBM, which has been heavily investing in hybrid cloud and AI in recent years, is focused on delivering enterprise-grade AI capabilities with built-in security and privacy safeguards. In 2023, the company launched the Watsonx AI and data platform for foundation models and generative AI, offering capabilities like model training, tuning, and deployment, a data lakehouse for AI workloads, governance tools, and the Watsonx code assistant. Burton said Watsonx has “seen a lot of traction worldwide”, including in APAC, where it’s driving significant revenue for IBM. “I won’t mention specific numbers, but they’re well above our targets. We’re exceeding expectations every quarter with Watsonx.” One driver of Watsonx’s adoption in APAC is mainframe modernisation initiatives. “There’s a lot of Cobol code and mainframes in the region, so the idea that the Watsonx code assistant can help companies understand and transition that code to Java, for example, is a major benefit,” Burton explained. Another key factor is governance. “As soon as models are deployed across the enterprise, you need to make sure they’re managed well and can withstand scrutiny if there’s an issue,” said Burton. According to a study by Enterprise Strategy Group and TechTarget, 75% of APAC respondents plan to adopt generative AI, with nearly a third already running generative AI workloads in production or are testing the technology. Burton said: “CEOs are willing to be more aggressive with generative AI because they feel that if they don’t get on top of it, they’ll be disadvantaged competitively, and it will be very hard to close the gap with competitors who do”.

  • IBM plans Malayalam language models – The New Indian Express
    on 2024-07-12 at 04:00

    KOCHI: US software giant IBM is exploring avenues to build large language models (LLMs) focused on Malayalam. An announcement in this regard is expected on Friday, the concluding day of the country’s first GenAI Conclave in Kochi. IBM’s Gen AI Innovation Centre in Kochi is built on InstructLab, a new technology developed by IBM and Red Hat for enhancing LLMs with a client’s own data. It will also take advantage of IBM watsonx.ai and data platform and AI assistant technologies. “It will allow clients to learn about the fine-tuning of LLMs and partner with IBM to have their own trained, fine-tuned, and governed models deployed for their enterprise use cases,” a release said here.At the conclave, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had called for more collective efforts to improve Malayalam in LLMs for generative AI. “By working together, we can build better data sets, refine algorithms, and create more accurate language models” said the CM.

  • Generative AI meets application modernization – IBM Blog
    on 2024-07-11 at 18:18

    Available as a technology preview in June, IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications is anticipated to be generally available later this year. It provides developers with capabilities to assist their workflows across the application lifecycle, from understanding and planning to transforming, validating and deploying their applications.

  • Convert to RHEL with the new Convert2RHEL 2.0
    on 2024-07-11 at 16:02

    Convert2RHEL is a tool that makes it easy for you to convert CentOS Linux, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux or Oracle Enterprise Linux systems to the corresponding version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Using the Convert2RHEL script and a few related tools, you can quickly and safely move from an old distribution to a fully supported RHEL version, and it really is as easy as running a script.In June 2024, CentOS Linux 7 and RHEL 7 reached their EOL, and RHEL 8 reached its last minor release of 8.10. To support you on the conversion path, we’ve released the 2.0.0 version of the Convert2RHEL tool, w

  • IBM moots tie up with academies to arm students with future ready skills
    on 2024-07-11 at 15:12

    The company will join hands with students’ fraternity to ensure that they are ready for advancements in technological revolution happening across the globe, he said on the side lines of the two-day Gen AI conclave organized in association with the Kerala Government in Kochi. Aimed at accelerating AI innovation, boosting productivity and strengthening AI expertise in India, he said IBM has opened a GenAI innovation centre in Kochi.

  • Avert dangers and ensure responsible GenAI: IBM’s Sr. VP Dinesh Nirmal
    on 2024-07-11 at 15:12

    Kochi, July 11 (UNI) India’s first International GenAI Conclave jointly organised by the Kerala Government and the IBM was inaugurated here on Thursday. Kochi, July 11 (UNI) When almost half of the country’s CEOs are recruiting for GenAI positions in their companies, a broad awareness about the risks in Generative Artificial Intelligence is crucial to ensure responsible practices, IBM Senior Vice President (Software Development) Dinesh Nirmal said on Thursday.

  • Redington and IBM host AI for Business Innovation Forum to showcase AI’s potential for Sri Lanka
    on 2024-07-11 at 10:53

    Redington and IBM recently hosted the AI for Business Innovation Forum in Colombo to help businesses across Sri Lanka unlock the full potential of AI and leverage IBM’s advanced AI and data platform to overcome adoption barriers, enhance productivity, and elevate service quality. Speaking on the occasion Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India & South Asia said, “Our collaboration with Redington has seen great success in delivering cutting-edge AI solutions to drive business outcomes.

  • IBM’s Commitment to Data Governance for Positive AI Impact | Technology Magazine
    on 2024-07-11 at 10:53

    Now, the company is looking at developing its data governance processes to improve trust moving forward. The initiative aims to develop the first universal cross-industry data transparency standards to foster a greater culture of trust when it comes to enterprise AI.

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