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  • Talsco Weekly: Hiring IBM i Talent: A Balancing Act
    by patrick staudacher on 2024-06-21 at 17:42

    Welcome to another edition of Talsco Weekly IBM i Brief:  ​IBM Merlin 2.0: Boosting Modern IBM i Development​. AI:  ​Debate on AI’s Future: Code and Data Availability​. ​Six Questions To Ask To Help Outcompete With Digital And AI​. Development:  ​Best Practices for Cleaning, Archiving, or Deleting Old IBM i Spool Files​. ​SQL Table Function for The post Talsco Weekly: Hiring IBM i Talent: A Balancing Act appeared first on IBM i (AS/400, RPG) Recruiting, Staffing & Consulting.

  • Making the Most of the Audit Journal
    by Fortra on 2024-06-21 at 16:46

    The audit journal contains so much information that can help an IBM i administrator with everyday tasks, such as what profiles have been created or changed, how commands are being executed, or how many invalid sign-on attempts happened last week. Unfortunately, many don’t realize this information exists or they don’t know how to access it. Watch this webinar to learn how to make your audit journal data more easily accessible and how to set up your audit journal so that critical information doesn’t go unnoticed. Amy will cover: -The must-have values for your system security logging -How to discover journal entries that are taking up space in your receivers -How to run SQL Scripts in Access Client Solutions to access audit journal information Watch now to learn how to make the most of the audit journal! Find out where your systems are secure and where they could be vulnerable with a free IBM i Security Scan: https://www.fortra.com/solutions/ibmi-as400/security-vulnerability-scan

  • Sequel | How to Maximize your BI Technology with a Data Warehouse
    by Fortra on 2024-06-21 at 16:46

    Interested in learning how you can better manage your complex data? It is widely recognized that a data warehouse is the key to unlocking the full potential of business intelligence.

  • Happy birthday to IBM i
    by Simon Hutchinson on 2024-06-21 at 08:20

    Today marks the 36th anniversary of the launch of the AS/400 server and the OS/400 operating system on June 21, 1988. Over this time the server has evolved, with the change from CISC to RISC chips and the improvements in chip technology, to become the IBM Power server. The operating system has been rewritten several times to include the latest evolving technologies to become IBM i, which is not the only operating system that can run on a IBM Power server. What we have today is not AS/400 and OS/400, even though everything we could with them we can do today with the modern server and operating system. I think I did a good job describing this history last year, for the 35th anniversary. If you are interested in learning more what AS/400 was, and what it has become, read the story here. Happy birthday IBM Power and IBM i! May you have many more!

  • Security Bulletin: IBM i is vulnerable to a local privilege escalation due to a flaw in IBM TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i [CVE-2024-31890].
    on 2024-06-21 at 03:51

    IBM i is vulnerable to a local user with command line access gaining elevated privilege due to a flaw in IBM TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i as described in the vulnerability details section. This bulletin identifies the steps to take to address the vulnerability as described in the remediation/fixes section.

  • Message Monitors Overview
    on 2024-06-21 at 03:18

    This article describes working with IBM Navigator for i Message Monitors

  • Hiring the Right IBM i Talent: A Balancing Act
    by patrick staudacher on 2024-06-21 at 01:31

    Ensuring Your IBM i Shop Has the Talent for a Bright Future When it comes to hiring IBM i professionals, there are numerous factors to consider. As a recruiting and consulting firm specializing on the IBM i platform, we’ve partnered with companies across various industries throughout the United States for the past twenty-five years. Our The post Hiring the Right IBM i Talent: A Balancing Act appeared first on IBM i (AS/400, RPG) Recruiting, Staffing & Consulting.

  • creating outfile in as400
    by AS400 and SQL Tricks on 2024-06-20 at 21:18

    #ibmi #as400 #clle creating outfile,outfile,outfile in as400,outfile in ibmi,creating outfile in as400,creating outfile in ibmi,

  • Copied Cursor Name Chaos
    by [email protected] (Kent Milligan – IBM Technology Expert Labs) on 2024-06-20 at 19:32

     As our IBM Technology Expert Labs team performs SQL performance assessments for clients, we get the opportunity to review a wide variety of SQL statements.  These SQL statements run the gamut from simple to head-scratching to inefficient.  One inefficient SQL coding technique that I’ve recently seen way too much is the same cursor name being used over and over again. I was a developer once, so I understand the common coding practice of copying existing code (i.e., cursor declaration) and customizing the copied code to meet your needs. However, the customization of copied cursor code should include changing the cursor name and I’ll explain why.  Inputting a cursor name like C1 or CUR1 is fast and easy, but there are a couple of reasons why you should avoid reusing the same cursor name in your application programs. The reasons really come down to avoiding chaos which is defined as complete disorder and confusion.  The cursor name chaos impacts both the Db2 for i engine and your IBM i team. First, duplicate cursor names can add a small amount of overhead to the runtime execution of your cursors. Db2 creates runtime data structures at program execution time to support the usage of your cursors. Once these runtime data structures are created for a cursor, Db2 tries to reuse the runtime data structures on future usages of that cursor within a job or database connection.  Db2 uses the cursor name to find these cached runtime data structures.  If your program has a half dozen cursors all named C1, then Db2 must do more work to figure out which runtime data structures belongs to the 6 different cursors named C1. If each of the cursors in the program had a unique name, Db2 is able to more quickly find the associated runtime data structures to reuse. Second, duplicate cursor names add overhead and complexity to usage of SQL analysis tools such as those found in the IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) SQL Performance Center. Below, you’ll find a screen capture from my recent usage of the Plan Cache Snapshot tooling on a client’s snapshot.  I think you’ll agree that the repeated cursor names make it difficult to differentiate between the long list of C1 cursors. At first glance, you can be tricked into thinking that they’re all the same cursor. The user must scan their eyes further down the cursor declaration to find the C1 cursor that they’re trying to analyze and tune. Making the Statement column wider helps, but I think it’s easier when the leading characters of a cursor definition clearly define the cursor.At this point, hopefully you’re convinced that cursor names matter. If so, the next logical question to ask is: how should I name my cursors? I believe the best approach is to use a name that describes the cursor result set from a business perspective. Cursor names like LatePayments or LowInventory would be good examples of this approach. If you think the business perspective approach requires too much thinking, then consider using the program name as a suffix or prefix.  For example, the two cursors declared in PgmA might be C1_PgmA and C2_PgmA.  Either of these cursor naming approaches is going to eliminate the overhead of finding the cached runtime data structures. In addition, they provide context when you’re reviewing a list of queries using ACS tools to analyze the Plan Cache or a Plan Cache Snapshot. More descriptive cursor names definitely make it easier to understand the who and why related to the usage of a cursor.   Now that you understand there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to cursor names, I hope that you’ll be updating the SQL coding standards at your shop to avoid the chaos.

  • Accelerate Feature Delivery with Open Source
    by Daniel Magid on 2024-06-20 at 17:17

    Top Technology Trends for IBM i Professionals: Part II   Imagine the power of enhancing your existing applications with exciting new features, all without the need to start from scratch. Open-source modules offer a compelling solution, accelerating your development process while meeting maintenance demands. With countless open-source modules available, many under free licenses like MIT, The post Accelerate Feature Delivery with Open Source appeared first on Eradani.

  • Lansa BI vs. IBM Cognos
    by Lansa Divi Admin on 2024-06-20 at 13:51

    Getting your hands on interesting business data is the easy part. Choosing the right platform for synthesizing useful knowledge takes more doing. LANSA BI and IBM Cognos can both lighten the load, but which is right for you? On the surface, both platforms look like great choices for business analytics. Each includes useful automation features, The post Lansa BI vs. IBM Cognos appeared first on .

  • Can I login with just SSH key instead of password to a 5250 session with ACS?
    by Key_Elk_6981 on 2024-06-20 at 02:28

    Is it possible to connect to IBM i with 5250 session via ACS to authenticate with an ssh key on my laptop instead of needing to type a password? Any how to guide out there? SSH’ing to a linux or AIX machine is quite easy to set this up. Been trying to figure out if this is possible with ACS 5250 and IBM i. submitted by /u/Key_Elk_6981[link][comments]

  • Running JasperReports from IBM i
    by Richard Schoen on 2024-06-19 at 16:28

    For any of you looking to do reporting from IBM i. I created a wrapper around Pete Helgrens RPG Report Generator Java code that can execute Jasper Reports from IBM i. I have done work with Jasper Reports since 2007. JasperReports has a bit of a learning curve but well worth it if you learn to build reports and documents with it. This wrapper is IBM i specific, but Jasper can be used anywhere to generate reports. Have fun.https://github.com/richardschoen/ibmijasper

  • Using SQL table function to lookup SQL codes
    by [email protected] (Simon Hutchinson) on 2024-06-19 at 06:55

    It has always been a bit of a bind to look up what a SQL codes means, to be able to discover what error or warning Db2 for i is giving me for a SQL statement I have executed. There is a message file, QSQLMSG, where I can convert the SQL code into a message id and then look in the message file for the message texts: SQL code -501 = Message id SQL0501 DSPMSGD RANGE(SQL0501) MSGF(QSQLMSG) With the technology refreshes for IBM i 7.5 TR3 and 7.4 TR9 comes a table function where I can pass it the SQL code, and the results include all the information I desire: Message id Message text Second level message text Read more »

  • Power of AI on the IBM i
    by Logicmate on 2024-06-19 at 06:48

    Artificial intelligence is going to change every single industry in ways you can’t even imagine. The possibilities that AI presents are almost limitless and it has already begun to change the way we live and work. From self-driving cars, smart homes, to virtual assistants, AI is transforming our world in ways that were once unimaginable. In a series of short videos I am going to talk through AI in the IBMi world, how businesses and consumers stand to benefit immensely from this advancement and how it will play a decisive role in determining the future of IT. Get ready to witness the transformative power of AI in your applications and how Logicmate along with our partners profound logic can support you in this exciting new IT journey. ****************************** LETS CONNECT! Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/louise-eastwood-57973879/ Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6sP… Website – https://www.logicmate.co.uk/From: Logicmate

  • Shield Delivers Monitoring Solution for FTP on IBM i
    by Alex Woodie on 2024-06-19 at 04:07

    Shield Advanced Solutions last month delivered FT4i, a new utility that helps to secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) activity on IBM i. The new tool not only controls who is allowed to use FTP, but also logs all FTP activity to uncover possibly criminal activity after the fact. FTP is one of the most heavily used Internet protocols in the world. Across every industry, organizations use FTP to send and receive what is likely petabytes worth of data every single day. If the Internet is a “super highway,” then FTP is the 20-lane workhorse of an Interstate freeway, facilitating information … The post Shield Delivers Monitoring Solution for FTP on IBM i appeared first on IT Jungle.

  • Four Hundred Monitor, June 19
    by Jenny Thomas on 2024-06-19 at 04:07

    Summer is upon us! I know this because I am writing from the road while on an RV adventure with my family. But just because I am on vacation doesn’t mean the news is also taking a break. In fact, there is a lot of activity in the IBM i ecosystem in the wake of COMMON’s POWERUp last month in Texas. In addition to the wall-to-wall coverage from ITJ’s very own Alex Woodie, we are seeing an uptick in announcements around the industry, as well as some more great learning opportunities that you can find on our Calendar below. Top … The post Four Hundred Monitor, June 19 appeared first on IT Jungle.

  • IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 26, Number 22
    by Doug Bidwell on 2024-06-19 at 04:07

    Right off the bat we have recommended fixed for the IBM Cryptographic Services/DCM/Cryptographic Co-processor for both IBM i 7.4 and IBM i 7.5. You can check out this link for more information. We also have two security vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of. First, we have Security Bulletin: IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty for IBM i is vulnerable to weak TLS security, cross-site scripting, denial of service, and a server-side request forgery due to multiple vulnerabilities. You can find out more about this at this particular link. The affected releases and their PTFs are as follows: IBM … The post IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 26, Number 22 appeared first on IT Jungle.

  • How to insert new variables in templates
    by Steve Ferrell RDi Videos on 2024-06-18 at 19:45

    In this video, I’ll show you how to use content assist to add Variables to your templates. I’ll also show you how to use the Insert Variable button, and the newly added Right-click menu on templates to assist you with making templates, all in under 90 seconds!

  • iSecurity Assessment DEMO
    by Raz-Lee Security on 2024-06-18 at 12:20

    iSecurity Assessment is a FREE Windows-based program for in-depth analysis of the full scope of the IBM i (AS/400) security strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing the security risks which should be addressed. The output is a detailed report, grading each facet of IBM i security, with full explanations.

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