The Group for Groups – IBM Power Community Support

I have myself (Torbjörn Appehl) been engaged in the IBM Power community in over 10 years. Board member of Common Sweden all of the 10 years and acting leader for 7 of them. BoD (Board of Directors) member of also member of the Executive Committee for Common Europe for a couple of years bringing three new user groups into organization among many other things. Today I am not active in any user group anymore but would like to help the community I all possible ways.

Therefore I take the initiative to start this group. I am not sure yet how It should be arranged, maybe not even a group but at least there will be some articles written about practical tips and tricks and most likely also some future online meetings with people interested in learning more and/or share their own experience around being a volunteer within the community.

Topics we will discuss or share experience around are (but not limited to)

  • Practical work in setting up and leading a user group
  • Practical things around arranging events (smaller and bigger)
  • Find the right toolings for your user group and activities
  • Marketing, social media and alternatives..
  • Budget, find sponsors etc.
  • How to grow
  • Checklists and other things
  • How to find speakers
  • How to teach people to speak

If you are interested, please join our Slack

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