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​As with most modern relational database management systems, it is possible to create database triggers that can be configured to execute actions when specific events occur.
The command to add triggers to physical files is ADDPFTRG, which requires at least the following authorities to work (for more details see the linked documentation): Read More 

Abusing Adopted Authority on IBM i

​When a CL script invokes a program by name, the so-called Library List is searched for a object with a matching name.
The following picture demonstrates the vulnerability: the program object is invoked based on the Library List: Read More 

Talsco Weekly: What is a Large Language AI Model? patrick staudacher

​Welcome to another edition of Talsco Weekly Security:  Booby Trapping IBM i. Data:  What is a Large Language AI Model? How to use AI to improve customer service. Development:  How to Review and Refactor Code with AI. Modernization:  Technical Debt Threatens Innovation. Security Booby Trapping IBM i Here is a continuation of a series of
The post Talsco Weekly: What is a Large Language AI Model? appeared first on IBM i (AS/400, RPG) Recruiting, Staffing & Consulting. Read More 

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