Raspberry Pi and Machine Learning

In my last article, I demonstrated how I used Machine Learning on the Raspberry Pi to determine if a photograph contained a bird.  This article can be found at https://powerwire.eu/raspberry-pi-and-machine-learning if you missed it. In this follow-up article, we will be using the Raspberry Pi to send details to our IBM I server to inform […]

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IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 24, Number 44

Remember all of those quiet weeks in PTF Land when nothing much was going on? There is a whole bunch of stuff this week.

First, starting October 26, IBM has enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all its websites using IBMid. As a user on the Entitled Systems Support website, you are using IBMid to login, so you are impacted by the change. When you first login after the change is implemented, you will be asked to add an additional authentication method – either a code sent to your email or a supported mobile authenticator app available on Google Play Store

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