Launching RDi throws “License configuration error” message. jbarr107

​[[{“value”:”[SOLVED] IBM Support suggested simply reinstalling RDi. Since it’s v9.8, it was a simple matter of creating a new folder, unzipping, launching, and creating a new Workspace. After that, everything works without issue. Even the previously added RDi license was intact.
My colleague has a licensed copy of RDI v9.8.0 installed, and yesterday was playing around with the “Launch 5250 Emulator” feature. Before he went home, he closed everything down, and when he launched RDi this morning, RDi displayed this dialog:
Error : License configuration error.
No configuration property “” defined in config.ini.
Set the license configuration location to eclipse configuration property “” in config.ini.
“C:ProgramData” or
user application data directory, which is the value of %APPDATA%
“/var” or
“user home directory”/var

The only options on the dialog are “Exit” and “Details” (the above message).
Does anyone know how to manage this to get it back up and running?
I know that v9.8.x can install into pretty much any folder, but it does write stuff elsewhere that could be the issue.
And if we reinstall in a new folder location, will it still pick up the license, or will it throw the same error?
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