IBM i 7.4 – Base Enhancements

​[[{“value”:”New packages allow for security enhancements, more options for application development, data science, and machine learning.
New include support to allow server side limiting of entries returned”}]] Read More 

Coding in RPG (IBM i/AS400). Using %MAXARR and %MINARR. Christian Larsen

​In this video, I’d like to show you an example of how to use these two opcodes %MAXARR and %MINARR for searching the index of the maximum or minimum value inside a field on a dimensional array, in a very easy and fast way.Please, let me know what you think about it. Leave your comments below.Don’t forget to subscribe!#ibmi #ibm #rpg #rpgle #rpgfree #newvideo #ibmtraining #ibmcoding #rpgtraining #sqltraining #as400 #common #modernize #ibmchampion 0:00 Introduction0:32 Starting with a simple program where I’m searching for a maximun value inside an array2:01 Improving the program using %MAXARR and %MINARR3:49 Debugging the program on the green screen5:28 Final comments and ending Read More 

Use IBM i Authorization Lists to Control Access NickLitten

​How can I use IBM i authorization lists to control access? IBM i (AS400/iSeries) authorization lists are a powerful tool for controlling access to objects within your system. Let’s explore how you can effectively use them: Remember that authorization lists provide a flexible and efficient way to manage security. By using them effectively, you can Read More 

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