20 no 40.. no 60.. well a lot of things that IBM i / IBM Power has and other platforms just dreams about

I was tired of “defending” the platform against people who doesn’t know anything about IBM i but still tells the world loudly and clear it is a old fashioned and dying platform.

Well, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. So i created a presentation where I instead of avoid talking about 5250 green screens from an end user perspective (where it honestly doesn’t belong), to highlighting unique features that other platforms just dreams about from a systems management perspective (massive help functions built in, unique in it’s message id system for problem detection and determination etc. etc.).

In the presentation I will go through as many things that is unique compared to other platforms I can in the time set aside for me. Could be unique in a way that there is nothing compared on other platforms at all (why do we have 520-byte format on storage, what is branching that makes IBM i ultra efficient and extremely fast for business applications?), but It can also be how something is implemented and often beautifully holistic integrated in the whole stack, from hardware and up to the data itself in the database (Tags Active Mode for example or how the database engine works extremely close to the CPU itself through Systems Licensed Internal Code).

And yes, I will also make some mocking about failed projects by other companies trying to build something similar to IBM i.

And yes, Intel and Sun will have their shared part…

Please reach out if you are interested in this session

PowerVUG – Session 107: Turning data into Information with Db2 Web Query for IBM i

  • 9 June 2021, 14:00-15:30 UK time (BST)
  • Speaker: Doug Mack, Analytics Consultant, Db2 for i, IBM Systems Lab Services
  • Every BI/Analytics vendor shows you fancy visualization screens (including IBM) but not talk about where the real work is in making a BI/Analytics project successful. Most BI pundits say up to 70% of the work is in wrangling the data. Get that right, and the reporting/analytics becomes much simpler and efficient. Db2 Web Query contains multiple ways to wrangle your data while leveraging what you already have with RPG, SQL, or even Query/400. In this session we delve into use of Synonyms to describe your data, leveraging SQL when appropriate, and facilities to create data flows or ETL processes to cobble data together for your analytics projects. Many how-to demos will be included.
  • Relevant for IBM i environments.

PowerVUG – Session 106: VIOS – Top Tips for Successful Administration

  • 19 May 2021, 14:00-15:30 UK time (BST)
  • Speaker: Jaqui Lynch, Information Architect, AIX & Linux® Performance Consultant, IBM Power Champion
  • VIO servers are the most critical part of your system setup.  If they are not happy, then no client LPAR is happy. This session provides tips on setting up and maintaining VIO servers including upgrades and patching.  Backup and recovery are also covered.
  • Relevant for AIX, IBM i, and Linux® environments.

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Session 105: Everything You Need to Know About IBM i Administration Runtime Expert

  • 21 April 2021, 14:00-15:30 UK time (BST)
  • Speaker: Dawn May, IBM i Consultant, and Technical Expert
  • Business-critical applications must be up and running reliably without failure. When something unexpected occurs, you must identify the cause and correct it quickly. We all want to find ways to make our jobs easier, and unexpected surprises are not fun. The relentless push to do “more with less” is going to intensify while the tolerance for failure keeps dropping.  Yet identifying points of failure can be tricky as complexities scale.IBM i offers a free product that helps ascertain application and infrastructure health. The IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i (ARE) can be used to define attributes of a healthy environment and use those defined attributes to validate that the environment is as expected.  This session covers everything you need to know about ARE, including examples such as:
    • Ensure a test environment is the same as production for software installed and object levels
    • Identify what changed to cause an unexpected application failure
    • Validate multiple partitions are consistent in their configurations
    • Verify user profiles are consistent across all partitions
    • Check that PTF levels are the same across all partitions for a particular release
    • Create custom plug-ins to extend the base ARE functionality
  • Relevant for IBM i environments

Daily news about IBM AIX

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