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Software Developer – Services Consultant (Remote)

Profound Logic is the industry leader in IBM i modernization, business application development, and digital transformation solutions. We are looking for qualified and motivated full-stack developers to join our growing professional services team. This opportunity includes a number of positions, from junior to senior levels with various technical and consulting roles.

This is a virtual job. You can work from any United States location.

Experience required:

Business application software developmentFull stack application development in either JavaScript or RPGWeb user interface development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Preferred experience, with some required for senior positions:

RPG on IBM i systemsNode.js and other JavaScript frameworksSQL development and relational database designApplication software architecture and designWeb services and API developmentDevops and SDLC process and toolsSoftware QA and test managementBusiness and technical requirements analysisIT consulting or contract services

Other requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience and trainingExcellent written and verbal communications skillsStrong customer focusSelf-starter with ability and eagerness to learn new technologiesAbility for some business travel.

Your responsibilities may include:

Analyzing customer requirements and supporting the sale of customer IT projectsProject scope definition and planningDefining solution architecture and designDeveloping application software using Profound Logic solutions and other modern toolsDelivering projects that meet scope, schedule, and budget expectationsDelivering customer training and documentationBuilding relationships as a trusted advisor and long-term partner

This is an excellent opportunity to work with some of the industry’s leading talent, as part of our passionate team in a growing company. You will get competitive compensation and benefits to help customers modernize, integrate, and develop systems using our industry-leading solutions.

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Michael VanHorn


Professional Services Director | Project and Program Manager | Transformation Leader | Operations Manager

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Mandeville, Louisiana, United States

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This range is provided by Profound Logic. Your actual pay will be based on your skills and experience — talk with your recruiter to learn more.

Base pay range

$65,000/yr – $115,000/yr

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Andrew Ireland

Jan 25

Andrew: Hi Torbjorn, at this point just me.

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Debbie Kestin Schildkraut (she/her)

Jan 21

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Charlotte Gail Lloyd ACIM

Jan 18

You: I did 🙂 here it comes again.. [email protected] (also on my linkedin profile). Talk next week!

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Mustapha Derras

Jan 17

You: hi, do you know how many of your customers are running on IBM Power servers?

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Jan 17

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Saravanan Gunasekaran

Jan 16

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Frederic Clement

Jan 12

You: I am just happy to help… fyi we are working on getting .net 6 to run on power as well. The question is if it is worth the effort. We have a large number of failed projects to show them 🙂 take care and have a great week

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trevor perry

Jan 12

You: Did It? I opened a ticket but never got any feedback.. Liam had som issues with my domain via AT&T and I know I am behaving strange on my website with RSS updating etc so I am worry to get into any black lists. I’ve checked the offical ones and It looks like I am clear. But if they are using their own lists I would like to know what to do to avoid getting kicked out

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Micheal Blue Suit Ge Augel

Jan 5

Micheal Blue Suit Ge: Okay, thanks

Intelligent Research Group

Jan 4

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Participate in our Research

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Stefan Molander

Dec 30, 2021

You: Tack men jag är inte intresserad

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Dec 26, 2021

Lisa Nolan from LinkedIn

Dec 25, 2021

LinkedIn Offer •

Talk to the right people. Hire the right people.

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Mari Adamson-Bray

Dec 20, 2021

You: Hi, thanks for connecting. The link to the lastest IBM Z article doesn’t work for me in Chrome (works in other browsers though). Then url is old i guess:

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Gerard Suren Saverimuthu

Dec 17, 2021

It’s a luggable, huggable AS/400!

Opposite my office at work is a closet. I finally was given a key to it yesterday. I found that it is full of many, many old things: documentation for software my employer no longer uses, tapes of various types and size, CDs, floppy disks, what looks like many lengths of twinax cable, and one bag with an IBM logo on it.

I am a curious person so I took the bag from the closet into my office, wondering what this bag could contain.

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Free method of connecting to IBMi DB2 with Python?

I’m using ibm_db and ibm_db_dbi at the moment, but they’re getting rejected due to license requirement (yeah wtf).

Wondering if there’s a similar package in Python that’s easy to implement without beating around a jungle to connect to an IBMi server DB2 and without license requirements


u/MasterOfIBMi is LEGIT. Got this working in 5 minutes.

import pyodbc connection = pyodbc.connect( Driver='{IBM i Access ODBC Driver}’, SYSTEM=’someserver’, UserID=”, Password=”) cur = connection.cursor() cur.execute(“select * from sysibm.sysdummy1”) row = cur.fetchone() while row: print(row[0]) row = cur.fetchone() exit()

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