Webinar Built on Power Peptalk – Oracle runs best on Power!

Recording of the webinar can be found HERE

The presentation can be found HERE

Date: January 20th, 2022

Time: 14.00 – 15.00 Central European Time

Welcome to join us for a inspiring call / discussion where the following will/might be discussed:

A (very) short introduction to IBM (RISC Based) Power Servers
Why Oracle runs so good on IBM Power Servers
What did TietoEvry do to convince so many customers to move from x86 PC-servers
– The arguments that works
– The pain customers had before the move
– The quick wins etc.
When does EnterpriseDB make sense instead of Oracle?
Learn about the massive resources you have available from IBM to become successful with Oracle on Power.

And hopefully a few WOOW and YEEEAH will be delivered.

Join us and please engage with your own stories and questions


Tommi Sihvo from TietoEvry has been working on IT-area for 20 years now; Started with coding Oracle Forms and by doing Configuration Management within a Logistics system used world-wide. After that he moved to Unix area; and have been working in several different roles & projects; mainly focusing on IBM Power hardware & AIX.
François Martin from IBM is a Global Competitive Sales Specialist and responsible for developing brand and product specific solutions that address client’s business needs (both industry and business) and deliver client value while supporting brand specific business strategies. François has experience and skills with Power Systems Sales competition. He understands customer situations, sales, and technical sales to tackle competitive proposals. François has knowledge of competitors sales strategy, especially competition against Oracle.
Torbjörn Appehl – Built on Power has been specialized in the business application platform named IBM i and It’s predecessors since 1997 in many various companies and positions. Today he has hisown advisory consultant firm helping companies optimizing their investment in IBM Power Systems also helping IBM to revitalize their ecosystem of Independent Software Vendors in EMEA as a contractor.

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