IBM i & IBM Power Grundkurs

Datum 18 – 22 Oktober
Kostnad 25.000 SEK ex Moms (10% Rabatt för medlemmar i Common Sweden & Common Norge)
Kursen sker online
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Innehåll i kursen:


  • Introduction 
  • IBM Power and IBM i history
  • IBM i architecture from System/38 to IBM i
  • Operating systems, Licensed Internal Code and the integrated database
  • Command structure, menus and prompting
  • Demo – Menu structure and help functions
  • User profiles &  authorities
  • Communication, terminals, printers etc. 
  • Console, system startup / IPL
  • Power Systems, hardware, storage
  • Virtualization, PowerVM and related software
  • Installation of IBM i & licensed programs
  • PTF management
  • Programming languages, compilators and applications
  • Management interfaces, ACS & iNavigator
  • Authority / security
  • Job management, job queues, out queues
  • CL-Programming
  • Backup/BRMS

Huvudlärare är gurun Gunnar Elmgren

Läs mer om Gunnar HÄR

Specialistlärare CL-Programmering är Åke H Olsson

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Bakgrund och historia körs av Torbjörn Appehl

Läs mer om Torbjörn HÄR

Lunch & Learn with iPerformance

Date: June 2nd

Time: 12.00 – 12.30 CEST


GiAPA is an Application Performance Analysis and Operations Support Tool collecting comprehensive resource usage information 24/7 for all jobs every 15 seconds using less than 0.1 % CPU. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in the automatic analysis of the data.

In this joint Lunch & Learn together with IBM, the founder of GiAPA – Kaare Plesner will talk about GiAPA and what it can do to find performance bottlenecks and GiAPA will even suggest a number of actions for performance improvements with the help of it’s newly built in Artificial Intelligence.

GiAPA will even suggest a number of actions for performance improvements with the help of it’s newly built in Artificial Intelligence.

Kaare will be joined by highly respected performance expert and IBM LAB Services Member, Morten Buur Rasmussen. Simon Porstendorfer, ISV Ecoystem Leader Europe – Cognitive Systems at IBM will be the host of the event.

A short introduction video about GiAPA:

Morten Buur Rasmussen, IBM LAB Services

Morten is a senior IT Specialist at the IBM Systems – Lab Services covering Europe and the Middle East in client facing areas of IBM i, database, and WebSphere performance (as well as AIX and Oracle).
Morten has 30 years of experience in the computing field. He started working with the S/38 and AS/400 in 1988 as programmer.

Kaare Plesner, CEO of iPerformance

Kaare is a performance specialist on the IBM i platform .
He developed and taught advanced classes focused on optimizing application performance in collaboration with IBM in 24 countries over the course of 20+ years.
He is a speaker at COMMON conferences in Europe and overseas.
Specialties: Optimization of computer applications running on IBM i

Simon Porstendorfer, IBM
ISV Ecosystem Lead EMEA

Simon spent the last 20 years with IBM in various sales roles from Client Executive in the Business Partner Channel up to being the responsible Principal Offering Manager for Power Scale Out Worldwide. Today he is back in EMEA as responsible for the ISV Ecosystems on AIX and IBM i.

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