Application Modernization on IBM i with Containers & Red Hat OpenShift – Demo Architecture Overview

In this demonstration, see how to position and use containers in the app modernization journey on IBM i. Live Demo here :
Based on real customer requests, It is a good conversation starter illustrating the use of the latest technologies on a live environment (#ShowNotTell)and a fictive company ‘AcmeAir’: app development and test of a microservice application running on OpenShift 4.x on Power integrated with a ‘customer’ (CRM) microservice running on IBM i / Db2 Mirror for i. Stateless and Stateful: Best of both worlds.
– Introduction: IBM Hybrid Multi Cloud approach-OpenShift & IBM i Integration
– jdbc or REST API-Db2 Mirror for i (HA Solution for the database), consumption from front-end containerized apps (Web, Mobile)
-Automation & DevOps: Image build and S2i, Git, Jenkins Pipeline, IBMiOSS, Ansible for i.

Code used in the demo:
Presentation :
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