How to use Git with IBMi?

Hello everyone,
in the near future my department wants to store the sourcecode in a self-hosted gitlab instance. Our current approach is to download the source from the IBMi with RDi to a local projekt and then push the changes to the gitlab instance with the eGit plugin. This doesnt look like the right approach, the source code in gitlab looks like this:

000169210108dcl-proc procedur; 000170210108 dcl-pi procedur char(52); 000171210108 param char(52); 000172210108 END-PI; 000175210108 dcl-s returnParam char(52) inz(‘Return’); 000179210108 return returnParam; 000181210108END-PROC;

So my questions are:
How to use git with IBM i?
How is your workflow with it?
How do you get the source code from database to the gitlab instance and how did you get rid of the timestamp?

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