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Develop Visual Studio Code Extension for RPG

Visual studio code is one of the most code editor used all around the world. What I want is an extension for Visual Studio Code to use it as RPG Editor.
You could implement one of this extension:

Support folders in iACS session manager

Provide the ability to create folders & sub-folders in the iACS session manager to allow better organization of display & printer sessions.

IBM i V7R1 request for S914 and S924 Support Also

It was announced that IBM i V7R1 will be supporting the S922 and E980 beginning Nov 20, 2020. Multiple partners and clients in the US and Canada have asked why the S914 and S924 are excluded as they …

BRMS to ignore some non-critical errors when saving spools

BRMS does stop save procedure in some cases of non-cricital errors like saving QUSRSYS with some spool files damaged. It would be preferrable to have BRMS by default ignore the errors, post more detai…

Web service REST – JSON

Good evening,
I created through Web Administration for i, a rest service that receives a parameter containing a JSON string, with numerous defined keys. The web service is associated with a rpg servic…

Provide plug-in mechanism for iACS

Provide a formal plug-in interface for iACS to allow developers to provide extensions to the existing functionality.


Template sessions in iACS session manager

Provide the ability to establish a template session in the iACS session manager. New display & printer sessions would be based on this template session so that a standardized (user or enterprise) set …

Rename session in iACS

Provide the ability to rename a display or printer session in iACS session manager.
Rename function should be available on the edit menu and right click popup menu.

New BIF to test Parameter Length

Please introduce a new BIF (%parmlen) to get the length of a parmeter defined using OPTIONS(*VARSIZE)

DB2 Alter Table Rename column

DB2 for LUW and z/OS provide the capability to rename a column. DB2 for i should have the same functionality. Renaming a column’s system name should be included, too.

Allow a BIF that checks to see if a parameter is passed

Please introduce a new BIF that will indicate if a parameter has been passed with actual data, as opposed to not passed or passed with *OMIT.

F5 Refresh Key Behavior on Certain List Screens

On the Work with Subsystems (WRKSBS) screen as well as the Display Open Files screen inside the Work with Job menu option 14, if you scroll down to see a particular subsystem or file name and press F5…

IBM i Services for defective PTFs installed

Currently the Must Gather Tool has an option for checking for any installed defective PTF’s on an LPAR.
The output of this is a spoolfile, which does more belong to the time when we still used the te…

Link SQL procedure or SQL function as item in DSPPGMREF

DSPPGMREF does not identify any SQL procedure or function coded in programs. A program can be a *PGM or *SRVPGM object created from a source that is based on SQLxxx language and the usage is static i…

Long response time on IFS shares opening ex. Word & Excel

We are using the IBM NetServer for sharing Office files like WORD and EXCEL. Opening a Word for example over a VPN connection is very slow compared to Windows file server located in the same subnet.

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