Combating Ransomware: Building a Strategy to Prevent and Detect Attacks

Forms of ransomware have been around for over 30 years, and with more and more organizations suffering attacks each year, it continues to endure. What has made ransomware such a durable threat and what is the best way to combat it? In order to prevent ransomware, organizations must first understand how it works.

In this webinar, two experienced cybersecurity professionals—Associate Director of Development Bob Erdman and Principal Security Consultant Sandi Moore—go in-depth on the ransomware attack cycle, the need to protect every endpoint, and how to spot signs of infection before data is encrypted by malicious actors.

This webinar also reveals the current state of ransomware with 2021 Malware Survey results and provide effective security strategies for prevention, including:

Regular review of your security posture and processes
Segregation of backups to ensure data is secure
Prevention and deterrence programs to avoid infection
Detection methods to find threats that break through

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