FormaServe – How to get the BBC News Feeds in a RPG program on the IBM i.

In this short How To …. On IBM i Video set, we will be taking a look at how to show the BBC news feeds in a RPG program using embedded SQL.

We will be using the DB2 for IBM i HTTP Services to get the news feeds and then format them so our RPG program can display them/

Check out our Git Hub repository for all the source code, RPG, SQL and the display file, and lots more. It can be found at

— Contents —

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – What we trying to do?
01:08 – Configure Hot Spots in a 5250 session
01:22 – Your IBM i needs to talk to the BBC
01:53 – What are news feeds (RSS)
03:30 – DB2 HTTP Services
04:26 – SYSTOOLS Pr-req’s
05:18 – ACS Schemas
06:14 – Using HTTPGETBLOB
06:48 – Getting the XML from the News Feed
07:33 – Using SQL XMLTABLE & XMLPARSE functions
08:21 – 5250 Display file for the feeds
08:51 – RPGLE Program to display the feeds
10:50 – Check out &
11:14 – Wrap Up!

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