The Case for Consolidation

In the past 12 months, we have experienced exponential change in the way we work.  Demands on the IT department continue to grow while the resources allocated to reach these high expectations, continually squeezed. 

The modern IBM i IT department needs to refocus to be able to counter these problems while simultaneously raising the bar.  The answer is to consolidate many of the individual routines, bespoke code and single-purpose programs into one central solution that not only simplifies and lowers IT resource but also speeds up development, adds functionality and reduces overheads.

One such solution for the IBM i is RouteOne.  RouteOne allows you to consolidate many disparate processes you may already have in place while providing additional benefits to your business.

MAINTENANCE – Remove expensive to maintain bespoke RPG and disparate programs. replace with one low cost solution that does not require coding resource.
eFORMS – Replace your complex electronic form software with easy to manage MS Word templates for all your IBM i form creation and distribution needs.
​INTERFACES – Create powerful and fast IBM i transfers by sFTP, email and other methods for XML, JSON, database formats and more…
​REPORTS – Consolidate all your reporting requirements into one solutions for information to who needs it, when they need it and in a format of choice.

RouteOne provides a central solution to all your data transformation and export requirements.  From producing and distributing fully formatted electronic forms and reports [PDF, XLS and more], to creating JSON/XML/SQL/CSV extracts for other systems, RouteOne does the lot. 

Through adopting RouteOne, IT resource is reduced.  Our ‘no coding, query like’  rules engine allows you to extract selected data from a spool file, DB2 or a mix of both and then transform it to all popular formats and deliver by a method of choice.  From creating ETL procedures for an SQL data warehouse to HTML emails, RouteOne can do it for you.

Should you be interested in lowering overheads with the potential of removing unsupported software or redundant RPG code, learn how RouteOne can help transform your business. 

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