FormaServe – How to use ODBC on the IBM i

In this short How To …. On IBM i Video set, we will be looking at how to use ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). We will show how to make your applications more scalable, allowing development on other platforms. See where to obtain the software and how to install it and configure it. The video also includes how to write a quick Node.js program to test our ODBC installation and configuration. — Contents — 00:00 – Intro 00:41 – What we trying to acheive? 01:34 – Installing ODBC 02:27 – Download Drivers from 02:46 – Windows ODBC Administration 03:23 – Install ACS PASE package 03:57 – Configure ODBC on the IBM i 05:36 – Testing ODBC on the IBM i 06:37 – Writing a Node.js program to use & test ODBC on the IBM i 09:20 – Test our node.js program 10:10 – Check out & 10:31 – Still training! 11:26 – Wrap Up!
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