Here’s how regional firms can simplify the cloud migration process

Most regional companies – across industries – have either already adopted digital transformation strategies or are in the process of embarking on them. And the shift to the cloud is a key component of that process – spending on public cloud services across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey will grow 26.7 per cent this year to top $3.7bn, IDC predicted earlier this year.

However, many organisations find the cloud migration process to be quite daunting, especially considering the increasing regulatory requirements coupled with technology and security concerns. Companies have to decide whether to opt for public, private or on-premises solutions. And then they have to find ways to migrate their traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud.

It is to streamline and simplify that process that global IT firm Comarch offers its multi-cloud management services. The company manages IT for several large enterprises, where multiple cloud platforms interact alongside legacy and traditional IT environments. Some of the advantages of this include:

• The multi-cloud strategy enables users to mix and match services based on their organisational goals and specific needs
• With Comarch handling the ongoing management of the multi-cloud environment, internal IT staff can focus on business initiatives
• Ability to handle legacy applications, next-generation applications and specific workloads
• Various managed services on both cloud and legacy IT platforms
• Aligning the activities of various teams to maintain security and compliance
• Ensuring smooth migrations to the cloud thanks to consultations and guidance
• Single point of contact in any IT-related case

“Comarch multicloud services help you to move your organisation’s infrastructure and applications to the cloud and, as a result, let your IT resources focus on more business related aspects of IT. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximise performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth,” says Marcin Geroch, Comarch ICT consulting director.

Comarch PowerCloud

One of Comarch’s ready-to-use cloud solutions is the Comarch PowerCloud platform, which allows IBM i and AIX systems users to migrate their on-premise IT infrastructures to the cloud.

The platform, which is based on the company’s proprietary infrastructure, also offers full technical support and delivers a full portfolio of managed services. Comarch PowerCloud  incorporates the latest virtualisation features and facilitates deployment processes for IBM AIX, IBM i, and Linux virtual machines (VMs) running on IBM Power Systems environments. It is available in a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to cut costs – a study by Comarch found that migrating the traditional IBM Power infrastructure to the cloud may help reduce costs by as much as 30-40 per cent.

The solution is also flexible, meaning users can purchase as much processor power and storage space as required and change the values if their needs evolve. All the data is stored in Comarch’s own data centres, which offers high level of information protection and security compliance.

Comarch PowerCloud also incorporates the latest virtualisation features and facilitates deployment processes for IBM AIX, IBM i, and Linux virtual machines (VMs) running on IBM Power Systems environments.

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