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Hi Nahla

My team were dealing with a similar IBM i Backup issue recently.  We started by checking out the backup hardware and the backup job and you should do this but we soon found that was fine, instead we would that the system was still in use whilst the backup is running, in our case more and more ODBC jobs where connecting as the week went on.

So, once you have checked our the obvious hardware and backup possibilities, then I would recommend you use the native Performance Data Investigator (PDi) tooling on your IBM i.    PDi is collecting performance data by default and is installed on your system by default, it comes and zero extra cost and is one of the most precious Hidden Gems on the platform.   Use PDi to work out what else is going on your system during the period of the backup.


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Sent: Fri October 29, 2021 10:27 AM
From: Nahla Alloush
Subject: Daily FULL backup is taking more time each day until an IPL is performed !

Hello All,

We have a problem in one of the partitions for IBM i. Daily FULL Backup is taking more time each day. On Mondays backup is taking the lowest time, while on Saturdays it is taking the longest time. IPL is taking place on Sundays either after weekly or monthly backup. Backup is being performed on VTL tapes.

Backup is using the same Control Group and a FULL backup is done each time. Also backup is done in a non restricted state but all application subsystems are powered down before the backup.

I have checked data being backup-ed up, it is approximately the same size each day. 

Any idea as where to check in the system to know the cause of this problem ?

Thanking you in advance,

Nahla Alloush
Advisory IT Specialist

Nahla Alloush

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