Drive Code Quality & Security in your IBM i applications

[Webinar] Drive Code Quality & Security in your IBM i applications

As mission-critical IBM i applications have been developed and maintained over decades, the challenges faced by a modern IBM i developer today are very different from 30 years ago. During that time multiple changes to the code base and evolution of coding standards can cause code quality to suffer – putting your enterprise at risk of technical debt.

Security vulnerabilities can also creep into source code as IBM i database logic is exposed to external applications and devices.  Further, if coding defects reach production, they can cause costly downtime and damage the reputation of your business.

In our Webinar, you will learn how to combine static code analysis, developer-side unit testing, functional regression testing and code coverage analysis to automate a secure ‘quality gate’ for your IBM i applications:

Automate the detection of quality and security flaws in RPG and COBOL code
Generate, execute and manage unit tests automatically
Make code checking and unit testing a continuous part of your DevOps cycle
Catch defects at the database and source line level, interactive or batch
Ensure test effectiveness through code coverage analysis

Guard against IBM i technical debt.  Watch Now!

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The Presenters

Ray Bernardi

Senior Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Ray Bernardi is a 30-year veteran involved in the System 38/AS/400/iSeries/IBM i development and currently is a Pre/Post Sales technical Support Specialist for ARCAD Software, international ISV and IBM Business Partner.  Ray has been involved with the development and sales of many cutting edge software products throughout his career, with specialist knowledge in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products from ARCAD Software covering a broad range of functional areas including enterprise IBM i modernization and DevOps.  In addition, Ray is a frequent speaker at COMMON and many other technical conferences around the world and has authored articles in several IBM i publications on the subject of application analysis and modernization, SQL, and business intelligence.

Kim Foo

VP Sales APAC, ARCAD Software

Kim spent the last 16 years helping customers successfully modernised their IBM i applications and platform. Kim is now part of the ARCAD team, focused on DevSecOps transformation and modernisation solutions for the IBM i.

Adrian Tully

Senior Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Starting as an RPG programmer in 1988 on the System 36 on a dumb terminal, Adrian TULLY has more recently managed a team of engineers for HSBC global bank delivering DevOps tools across an international customer base. With 15 years’ experience in application life cycle management, he joined ARCAD Software in 2020 as Senior Solution Architect to bring his expertise about DevOps, Six Sigma, lean methodology and process improvement to the solutions we provide.

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