Your career as an IBM i RPG Developer

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Career Lifecycle

What stage are you in?

Most professionals travel through their career and don’t have much of a plan.  When they get stuck, they react.  This results in getting stuck more.

Try a different approach

Treat your career like a business and own it.  After all, that is really what it is.  Your career affects every aspect of your life.  Take control.

Take time, step back and look at the big picture.  Are you in good “career shape?”

Your Expertise as an IBM i professional

How do you stack up?

The AS/400 has a rich history. It’s a proven, rock solid, scalable and secure enterprise business system. But it’s not just RPG anymore.

The introduction of the IBM i and Power Systems has paved the way for the future.  RPG Free, RDi, PHP, Node.js, Javascript are essential skills for the future.

Do you understand the importance of Open Source technologies and how AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and IoT will change the future?

The IBM i professionals that do, will help preserve and use legacy systems and their associated data as a competitive advantage.

As a result, their careers will prosper.

IBM i Job Market Insight

Do you have a pulse on the RPG market?

Every company that leverages the IBM i has a different mix of technology.

Some rely on RPG development while others have a best of breed approach.  How they are glued together is what makes them unique.

There are similarities and trends that span across the entire market.  Do you know what they are?

Understanding these market trends gives you insight that will protect your career.

We see a mix of Direct Hire and Consulting positions with our clients.  They shift depending on the market and conditions and their particular project needs.

Understanding market conditions as it relates to your skills is an important part of advancing your career.

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