IFS Security: How to Close the Most Commonly Overlooked Security Gap

The Integrated File System (IFS) is one of most powerful features of IBM i servers, and yet it’s also among the most neglected areas of IBM i security.

What makes this security gap so serious is that the IFS is a conduit to many things, including the Operating System and all your application libraries and files. The code for IBM i Access for Windows, IBM i Access for the web, Java, and WebSphere code is stored on the IFS. Most TCP/IP configuration files, as well as mail in POP and SMTP, are also stored in the IFS.

Because the IFS is so integral to IBM i, failing to secure it could spell disaster for your organization. And there’s one IFS security gap that even experienced IBM i pros often overlook!

Join this live webinar with IBM i security expert Sandi Moore to learn:

How the IFS is configured
Common IFS security mistakes—including a little-known vulnerability that allows malware to spread
Why malware is so devastating to the IFS
How to audit IFS activities
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to start securing the IFS—and help ensure the stability of your IBM i.

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