Continuing the IBM Power Momentum

On July 12th, we announced the IBM Power10 processor-based scale-out and midrange servers, completing the Power10 family. Our Business Partners have been hard at work this quarter meeting the demand from our clients and guiding them on their upgrade path to Power10. There has been much excitement from the market and our Business Partner community around the announcement and the opportunity of Power10. This excitement is very well captured in this video featuring Udo Sachs, Head of Competence Center Power Systems at SVA, a leading IBM Power partner in Germany.  I’d like to personally thank all our Business Partners for being with us on this journey. However, we are not finished with this year yet.

No matter what type of Business Partner you are, I’m sure your clients have shown interest in subscription and consumption-based IT solutions for their business. Clients have expressed interest to us as well of adopting flexible technologies that allow them to only pay for what they use and moving IT expenses to OpEx. IT budgets are stretched thinner than ever, and managers need to make the most of their resources. They also need to simplify infrastructure planning and operations. That is why we are taking this first step for IBM i with our recent announcement.

Last Tuesday, September 6th, we announced the IBM i System Subscription. The IBM i System Subscription is a bundled, as-a-service solution of the latest Power10 processor-based server, the Power S1014, IBM i operating system, and support from IBM. The IBM i System Subscription is billed annually to your client. Your clients can now get their entire IT solution for less than $55 per month per user, less than the cost of an average smartphone plan. They can choose a 3, 4 or 5-year subscription plan to best meet their needs and renew year by year. Payment terms and price do not change over the duration of their subscription.

The IBM i System Subscription will make planning easier for your small and midsize IBM i clients. With consistency in their annual payment over the duration of their subscription, IT budget planning becomes a lot simpler. They can keep their mission-critical applications on-premises while taking advantage of cloud-like economics. When new technology is available, your clients can simply upgrade to the latest hardware and software on their next subscription, maintaining their IT investment.

Learn more about the IBM i System Subscription and the latest with IBM i here.


Jonas Ullberg, Vice President, Global Ecosystem, Cognitive Systems



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