Another way to manage spooled files

Users often have many spool-file rows.

How to find the last done?

The WRKSPLF command does not show spool-file rows sorted by
Creation-Date/Creation-Time, so the last one is not the first one in the list.
I thought a different way of looking at spooled-file rows might be useful.

In this program (WSF) the spool-file rows appears in order of
Creation-Date/Creation-Time, with the last one at the top of the list.

I also added the ability to filter each column, for example to see only the rows in HOLD status.

I also added the possibility to sort each column with F16 or double-click on the column.

I also added… find out for yourself.

Example of filter on Status=HELD

Example of filter on Hour and minute=13:59

Example of order By Filename

Last but not last, F4=Delete All for user to finally keep the print queues clean for each user

If you have a profile on PUB400, type 
then type
WSF (Enter)
to test my WSF (WorkSpooledFiles) utility.

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