Computer History IBM System/38 Minicomputer Business Data Processing 1983 promo (audio fixed)

IBM: A 1983 Promotional Film for the IBM System/38 Business Computer, that was introduced in 1978. It was developed over eight years by IBM’s laboratory in Rochester, Minnesota. The System/38 was a powerful, mid-range computer or “minicomputer.” The system/38 offered a number of innovative features, including the use of microcode to implement operating system functionality. The System/38 was designed as a follow-on for the System/3,but was not compatible with the System/3. The predecessors to the System/38 include the System/3 (1969), System/32 (1975), and System/34 (1977). In 1983 the System/36 was released as a low-end business computer for users who found the System/38 too expensive for their needs. The System/38 and 36 were succeeded by the highly successful IBM AS/400 midrange computer family in 1988. The System/38 sold over 20,000 units in the first 5 years of its availability. Although the System/38 did not sell in large numbers, it commanded a higher profit margin than IBM’s other midrange systems, and thus was a profitable product line for IBM. It was originally developed under the IBM internal project code-name “Pacific.” Languages supported on the System/38 included RPG III, COBOL, BASIC, and PL/I. More Information: Editors Note: This is one of several IBM computer films we are uploading this week.
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