M81 announces the support of IBM SafeGuarded Copy with FLASH for i

On the 10th and 11th of October 2022

M81 is sponsor at this event. 

Benelux Power event in Tilburg

The 5th year of presence at BeNeLux event (including 2 virtual events).

We have a (physical) Booth … and an Education session ! ( Tuesday 11 October – 14:20 – 15:10)

Education sessionIBM i improved by the magic SnapShot/FlashCopy

Learn how to use from IBM i the SnapShot/FlashCopy ‘magic’ function and Reduce daily work.

Learn how to configure and to manage (automatically) your IBM i and your external storage to take advantage of the FlashCopy/SnapShot technology.
This ‘magic’ function can save plenty of daily work to IBM i users, by transforming many hours operations into a few minutes, e.g. : Pre-prod or UAT environments refresh, easy roll back to a clean Database (or IFS) after incidents (corruption, errors, loss, malware), daily backups (and even Save21) performed in less than 2 minutes.
Learning Objectives:

 Understand this external storage technology and discover many interests by using it.
Learn how to start and use it for and from an IBM i partition, manually or by program.
Get the list of elements, tips and gotchas to take care of when cloning a partition.

See you very soon

M81 is a French Software house, dedicated on IBM i. We developed 3 system products to improve IBM i since 8 years, now installed in more than 200 end-customers worldwide!

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