The subject is to show how to omit libraries from BRMS SAVE or found where is the setting of these omissions.


Override and before to address about the three methods to perform an omission during a backup, it is good to know that you can prevent them with the command STRBKUBRM and the parameter Omits. . . . . . . . . . . . . OMITS *PROCESS or *IGNORE

About the first method:

Using the Backup Policy => WRKPCYBRM TYPE(*BKU) menu

Select the option 2


In this view, we can see that the LIB QPFRDATA is going to be omitted if you have a backup item *ALLUSR.

This omission is right for all BRMS Control Group that uses the backup item *ALLUSR.

So if you want a Full Save, remove it in the backup policy.

Omitting libraries from backup:

About the second one method:

Using the Heritage Navigator for i, it is possible to make some omit.

From a 5250 Session, it’s a manner to check whether the Heritage Navigator for i is involved for these omissions.

From the command WRKCTLGBRM and in front of a control group MYLIBS ⇾ select the option 2 and press F14:

Select the BRMS Client Omits column, when you have a *yes in this column that indicates that the IBM Navigator for i BRMS plug-in was involved to do the omissions.

In order to remove them, the Heritage Navigator for i is going to be used.

Have a look at the annex A at the end of this document.

* Note: review information about Heritage Navigator for i in the chapter Additional information.

The following screen shows the result of the command WRKCTLGBRM => option 2 selected and F14 pressed.

In this Case, they are no omissions from the Heritage IBM Navigator for i.

In this Case, they are omissions from the Heritage IBM Navigator for i.

About the third one method:

A list can be used to do the omission. Create a list.

Using a WRKLBRM Enter list in front of option 2:

In this example, you can see the *ALLUSR is in inclusion and with an exclusion for QPFRDATA and QGPL.

Example of a control group that uses a list.

Annex A: From Heritage IBM Navigator for i, How to find where are the omissions?

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