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Modernization journeys can be costly. When a business wants to leave behind rapidly aging, inefficient tech, especially where a system’s capacity has been exhausted, there are risks in cost and complexity. Refactoring applications onto cloud architecture shows just how challenging modernization can become.

T transformation is an investment. But businesses often end up paying twice to make a single move to the cloud. That’s because the economics of modernization aren’t so simple; costs range from new infrastructure to cloud resources. As a result, businesses are seeking outside expertise.

According to a study from Altman Solon, approximately 60% of IBM clients will increase their spending with third-party services as a response to regulations, compliance and further security headwinds. Tectrade, offering managed services and hybrid-cloud expertise to regulated markets, is enabling clients to avoid paying more while remaining secure. Tectrade provides the entire hybrid infrastructure in an OPEX-managed service wrap. This means end-to-end security across the whole hybrid environment, while only paying for what you use. Businesses are empowered to reduce their physical equipment spend as they accelerate cloud consumption.

Tectrade specializes in optimizing the performance of critical workloads on the cloud and in data centers, running IBM i, AIX and Linux operating systems.

With a simplified view of application transformation, cybersecurity and 24/7 support, businesses can take full advantage of an IBM Platinum Partner that’s changing the way workloads modernize, adapt and scale for the better.

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