​New columns added to the HISTORY_LOG_INFO #SQL View will making searching for data easier. [ #IBMi #rpgpgm #IBMChampion ] https://www.rpgpgm.com/2023/04/new-columns-added-to-historyloginfo.html submitted by /u/RPGPGM[link][comments] Read More 

COMMON Finland Simon Hutchinson

​Tervetuloa, COMMON Finland have a new website, at commonfinland.fi
They become the 18th national association affiliated with COMMON Europe to launch their website.
I have added their site to my IBM i User Groups page. There is a link at the top of every page and post to this page.
If you are a member of, or know of, any User Groups not listed on my IBM i User Groups page please let me know of it, using the Contact Form that you can find on every post and page. Read More 

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