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​In this video Louise takes you through the adaptability pillar of futurised technology and explains how you can untether applications from the limits of legacy code with profound API. Application programming interface is a way for two or more computer programmes or applications to interact with each other, and in the world we live in today applications are more connected than ever before. With web based apps, cloud based services and most importantly mobile applications integrating with more & more of our systems that are not on the same server, APIs are the bridge that make modern, scalable and portable business systems possible. With our partners profound logic software, we can create and deploy APIs in a matter of days on IBM i, and make your development journey surprisingly simple. How? With a fully transparent, highly automated and scalable low code enabling developers to create fully function APIs without writing a single line of code. For more information on these products or for an in depth demo please get in touch with Louise, Business development manager at Logicmate Ltd ****************************** LETS CONNECT! Twitter – LinkedIn – YouTube – Website – Logicmate Read More 

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