Git Demystified: True Modern DevOps Tooling for IBM i Developers

​Many IBM i developers are being asked by their leadership to adopt the same Git-based DevOps tooling used across the rest of their IT group.

But most long-time IBM i developers aren’t convinced that this approach will bear fruit as they haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to even the fundamental concepts of Git.

So where do you start?

This webinar will explain the basics of Git, tailored for IBM i developers, including:

– IBM’s perspective on Git and modern tooling for the i
– Git principles and how they compare to traditional IBM i methods
– The benefits of using Git for managing your COBOL and RPG source code
– Free resources available to continue your learning

Whether it’s Git-Hub, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket on your CIO’s mind, an understanding of Git fundamentals will equip you for the discussion. Read More 

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