006 The Jesse Gorzinski Power Hour: Revolutionizing IBM i Productivity

​006  We have a true IBM i powerhouse with us today – Jesse Gorzinski. Jesse is not just another expert; he’s the Business Architect of open-source technologies at IBM and a driving force behind the digital transformation of the IBM i platform. Jesse started his career as an RPG programmer at 18 and has been a trailblazer since.We’ll dive into the game-changing tools revolutionizing IBM i—Manzan, Prometheus, and Db2 for IBM i tools in VS Code. Discover how these tools empower businesses and developers to unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation.Jesse Gorzinski, STSM and Senior Business Architect – Open Source on IBM iEmail: [email protected] LinkedIn https://ibm.biz/ibmi-prometheushttps://techchannel.com/Trends/12/2022/ibm-i-prometheushttps://techchannel.com/SMB/09/2022/deploy-grafana-dashboardhttps://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=HalcyonTechLtd.vscode-db2ihttps://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=HalcyonTechLtd.ibm-i-development-packOne incredible Th(i)ng!  Products, gadgets, recipes, music or things we are loving right now.Jesse’s pick for this week:Gros Michel bananaPeg’s pick for this week:My daughters birthday! Upcoming EVENTS:COMMON – Navigate, Oct. 9-11, 2023i-UG November 23Fortra IBM i Marketplace SurveySHOW SPONSORS:Programmers.ioBriteskiesCOMMONMidrange Dynamics North AmericaBe sure to check out our website, LinkedIn page and like and subscribe – all those things!Interested in sharing your IBM i story?  Want to sponsor the podcast?  We want to hear from you!  Reach out to Peg.Email: [email protected] Read More 

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