Showcase | Make the Most of Showcase with Version 10 Fortra

​Interested in learning more about Sequel & Showcase? Click here to see our available BI training courses:[0]=field_product_line:7816&f[1]=field_product_line:7814Fortra is dedicated to your success using Showcase software – and if you are currently using version 9, there’s plenty of room for you to improve your experience by migrating to version 10.Watch this webinar from Showcase Support Team Leader Brandy Lulling to make sure you are getting the most out of your Showcase software. We’ll bring you up to speed on how to complete the migration to Showcase 10, the latest features, and recent enhancements you may have missed if you’re already on Showcase 10, including:-Dashboards -Browser Access -Excel Add-inFortra strives to develop and refine modern data access and business intelligence tools for your organization. If you’re not already taking advantage of the latest enhancements in Showcase, we can’t wait for you to try them!Watch now! Read More 

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