IBM i – BRMS : Welcome to IBM Backup, Recovery & Media Services (BRMS) for i.

​Backup, Recovery & Media Services for i is the IBM strategic solution for planning and managing the backup of your i server.
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BRMS provides the i Server with support for policy-oriented setup and execution of backup, recovery, archive, and other removable-media-related operations. BRMS uses a consistent set of intuitive concepts and operations that can be used to develop and implement a backup strategy tailored to your business requirements. BRMS facilitates centralized management of media by maintaining a consistent view of removable tape media, its contents, location, and availability across multiple i servers or partitions referred to as networked systems. This common media scratch pool contains shared tape volumes that are eligible for use by any participating networked system. When a networked system uses one of the shared volumes, that usage is broadcast to all networked systems so that each system has a current view of the active and expired media. Read More 

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