IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 26, Number 26 Doug Bidwell

​[[{“value”:”After a pretty busy few weeks, you are getting a bit of a break, with only one security vulnerability this week. You can read about it in Security Bulletin: IBM Managed System Services for i and IBM System Management for i are vulnerable to a local user gaining elevated privilege due to unqualified library calls (CVE-2024-38330), with details at this link.
The IBM i PTF numbers for 5770-MG1 and 5770-SM1 contain the fixes for the vulnerability, as follows:
IBM i Release 5770-MG1 PTF Number
7.4 SJ01170
7.3 SJ01174
7.2 SJ01175
5770-SM1 PTF Number
7.4 SJ01325
7.3 SJ01324
7.2 SJ01323

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