The Cloud Is Part Of The IBM i Present, And A Bigger Part Of Its Future Timothy Prickett Morgan

​[[{“value”:”As obvious as this might sound in hindsight, if you want to get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions in the first place. And as inquisitive communicators, we will be the first ones to admit that this is not always as easy as it sounds.
It is hard to draw the line in the timeline sands for when the first true cloudy instance of a Power Systems machine running a rentable license to the IBM i operating system was announced, but it is safe to say that various hosting providers have been renting out parts of …
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No Matter Where You Are Going, Migrate Live Helps You Get There Ash Giddings

​[[{“value”:”Businesses are now faced with more choices than ever before when it comes to their IBM i environments. Should they keep them on-premise on Power10 following a well-trodden path, migrate them to a partner’s Power cloud, or embrace the public cloud? Or maybe some combination of the three?
Whatever the decision, probably the largest hurdle is the actual migration, with downtime invariably not an option coupled with the challenge of moving terabytes of critical data without impacting the business. Traditional migration methods are time-consuming, prone to error and come with integrity risks. In addition, system administrators and those responsible for …
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The Power Of Community At LISUG – IT Jungle

​[[{“value”:”LISUG offers interns an opportunity to join a board of directors and understand how an organization operates, to learn professionalism and how to work in a team environment, plus exposure to the warm and welcoming IBM i community we’re all so proud of – potentially leading to a new career path after graduation.
For their December meeting each year, rather than one or two speakers, they will feature a minimum of eight speakers from the talented LISUG membership, each presenting on a different topic for five to seven minutes.”}]] Read More 

Connectria announces two Singapore data centers to bring IBM Power and AWS Hybrid …

​[[{“value”:”Connectria, a global leader in IBM Power Systems cloud services and AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, has recently announced the upcoming opening of two new data centers in Singapore with under 2-millisecond low-latency connectivity to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific region (ap-southeast-1).
The seamless integration between IBM Power and AWS enabled by Connectria can help customers accelerate data center exits to pursue cloud-first IT strategies more effectively and supports the rising need for modern infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions for IBM Power.”}]] Read More 

IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 26, Number 8 Doug Bidwell

​[[{“value”:”It is a rare week when there is not some sort of security bulletin that affects all of the major operating systems, and this week is not one of those rare weeks. There are three security vulnerabilities affecting the current IBM i releases as well as a group of security patches for the vintage IBM i 7.2 release. Let’s get started with the security vulnerabilities, as is our common practice.
First, we have Security Bulletin: Multiple Vulnerabilities in IBM Java SDK affect IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty due to January 2024 CPU, which you can …
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