Profound Logic Celebrates 25 Years with a Transformative Gift: Profound AI  Ayla Dillis

​[[{“value”:”Profound Logic Celebrates 25 Years with a Transformative Gift: Profound AI Empowering Businesses with a Groundbreaking Free AI Platform June 24, 2024 – Newport Beach, CA – In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Profound Logic, a trailblazer in AI-enhanced futurization, is excited to announce the gift of Profound AI, a pioneering AI platform, to the
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VP Programmer and want to become IBM RPG IV Programmer. DanjayDanjay

​[[{“value”:”I am an experience VB programmer and I want to delve into IBM. I have been struggling to learn RPG IV. Where Can I get resource that can guide me like taking me from the start or the very basic. Most Resource I have seen seems to assume I have a prior knowledge of the Older Versions RPG.
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Backup and Restore PostgreSQL Databases from Command Line Richard Schoen

​ If you are using PostgreSQL on Windows, Linux, MacOS or IBM i, it’s not super obvious how to back up your database on a regular basis. The following how-to article I created on GitHub will help you to back up and restore your PostgreSQL databases if PostgreSQL is a part of your database environment. Click the following link to view the article. Enjoy and let me know if you have any PostgreSQL questions.Backup and Restore PostgreSQL Databases from Command Line Read More 

Happy birthday to IBM i Simon Hutchinson

​[[{“value”:”Today marks the 36th anniversary of the launch of the AS/400 server and the OS/400 operating system on June 21, 1988.
Over this time the server has evolved, with the change from CISC to RISC chips and the improvements in chip technology, to become the IBM Power server. The operating system has been rewritten several times to include the latest evolving technologies to become IBM i, which is not the only operating system that can run on a IBM Power server.
What we have today is not AS/400 and OS/400, even though everything we could with them we can do today with the modern server and operating system.
I think I did a good job describing this history last year, for the 35th anniversary. If you are interested in learning more what AS/400 was, and what it has become, read the story here.
Happy birthday IBM Power and IBM i! May you have many more!”}]] Read More 

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