Robot | Cut Through QSYSOPR Message Confusion Fortra

​If you’re interested in learning more about Robot Console, sign up for a free trial here: the right tools and processes, monitoring IBM i messages is like trying to count raindrops in a downpour: You might get one or two, but you’ll never keep up. It’s critical that administrators are able to pick out only the messages that they need.Watch as IBM i experts Tom Huntington and Chuck Losinski discuss best practices for message management on your IBM i. They’ll break down each step in the process and provide you with a range of message management options:-What makes IBM i messages special -Techniques for monitoring for messages -Tips for filtering out the most critical -Tools for escalating and notifying team members in a hurryWatch now! Read More 

Talsco Weekly: When should you consider using React? patrick staudacher

​Welcome to another edition of Talsco Weekly News:  Converge Technology Solutions Corp. Announces New IBM Power for Google Cloud (IP4G) Regions in Canada. Open Source:  When should you consider using React? Development:  REST APIs, DevOps and CICD. Modernization:  The Surprising Findings on Application Modernization Preparedness. The Future of the IBM i. News Converge Technology Solutions
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Dynamic SQL issue dirthawger

​He gave me a test api that just grabs some json from the PHP program.
I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with my code all day and can’t seem to figure it out. Read More 

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