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Session 105: Everything You Need to Know About IBM i Administration Runtime Expert

  • 21 April 2021, 14:00-15:30 UK time (BST)
  • Speaker: Dawn May, IBM i Consultant, and Technical Expert
  • Business-critical applications must be up and running reliably without failure. When something unexpected occurs, you must identify the cause and correct it quickly. We all want to find ways to make our jobs easier, and unexpected surprises are not fun. The relentless push to do “more with less” is going to intensify while the tolerance for failure keeps dropping.  Yet identifying points of failure can be tricky as complexities scale.IBM i offers a free product that helps ascertain application and infrastructure health. The IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i (ARE) can be used to define attributes of a healthy environment and use those defined attributes to validate that the environment is as expected.  This session covers everything you need to know about ARE, including examples such as:
    • Ensure a test environment is the same as production for software installed and object levels
    • Identify what changed to cause an unexpected application failure
    • Validate multiple partitions are consistent in their configurations
    • Verify user profiles are consistent across all partitions
    • Check that PTF levels are the same across all partitions for a particular release
    • Create custom plug-ins to extend the base ARE functionality
  • Relevant for IBM i environments

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