Webinar – Container Technologies Explained


There is a lot of talk around different container technologies in the IT industry today. But what is this really all about?
Please join us in this webinar where Patrik Gunnersten from Conoa (the leading container technologies company in the Nordics) explains containers so even your parents can understand it..

Date: January 28th

Time: 14.00 Central European Time


  • What is a container and how do they differ from an traditional “monolithic” application.
  • How does containers affect your IT platform, organization and strategy
  • A short introduction to the ecosystem around containers, this is a whole new world
  • What is and what isn’t Kubernetes
  • Containers on IBM Power Systems
  • Questions & Answers


Patrik Gunnersten

Business Area Manager @Conoa AB
Previous IBM Power Expert for 16 years working for IBM. Since 2017 he is an expert on Deep Learning, GPU, Containers and Open Source working for Conoa in Sweden


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