What’s up in the Node.js community? | Why triaging is a great place to start contributing

In this video, Michael Dawson, TSC Chair, talks with Pooja Durgad, a Node.js collaborator about her role in the Node.js community. Pooja talks about how her first role working with Node.js was as an intern, helping to triage issues. Her experience with triaging enabled her to:

Improve documentation

Fix low-handing issues

Help with test cases

Answer questions

Connect with many key Node.js collaborators and contributors

Listen to her chat about the most common triage issues she helps with, what surprised her about working with Node.js and open source, and why the triage area is a great place to get connected to working in the Node.js community.

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Node.js on Red Hat Developer https://developers.redhat.com/topics/nodejs

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