More about getting information about SQL Views [email protected] (Simon Hutchinson)

​[[{“value”:”Several years ago I wrote a post about the Db2 for i (SQL) Views about Views:

SYSVIEWS:  Information about Views themselves
SYSVIEWDEP:  Information about Views’ dependencies

One of the things I talk about during presentations I give to Local User Groups, LUG, is the use of SQL Views and how they make my programming simpler. Therefore, I wanted to revisit these two Views and explain how they help me learn more about the Views in the partitions I use.
Before I can show what kinds of information I can get from SYSVIEWS and SYSVIEWSDEP I am going to need some Views to play with.
I am going to join a DDS file, TESTFILE, and a DDL table, TESTTABLE to create my first View. While it is not essential to know what the file and table look like I am just going to include their source code below.
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