Creating an externally described printer file, but do not know how to handle numbers above 63 in the printer chart.

Hey there everyone. I have been given homework to create an externally described printer file, and I think I understand the gist of it, but I have numbers going up into the 100’s and I’m not sure how to handle those. The examples the teacher gives are all under 63.

Teacher’s Example: Here is the file I am using to create the print chart:

When I asked my teacher about how to handle characters that “bleed over” she said:

“In regard to the heading, you can “split” it between two lines of code, such as ‘Cloud Services’ with its position and then ’24×7′ with its position, does that make sense?”

Which I have interpreted to mean I can do this:

I really appreciate all of the help. I know I have teachers and resources to help me with this, so I apologize for coming here to ask so many questions. This week was a difficult week to get teacher assistance because the teachers weren’t working Monday or Tuesday, and Wednesday the power was out due to a storm. Because of this I just finished the last of my last weeks homework yesterday, as it was the first time I was able to get help from the professor. I keep weird hours and do a lot of work on the weekend (because I have to do homework every day to get it all done) making it hard to reach professors when I need help. I promise that once I get caught up I will keep questions to a minimum, thank you again.

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