ncdu – IFS Disk Space Analyzer

If we want to check the disk space occupied by IFS files and directories, we have the possibility to install a great utility, NCDU, which allows us to quickly navigate inside IFS (but also inside QSYS.LIB) in search of the largest directories and therefore of the bigger files

The operation is very simple … just install ncdu with yum from an SSH session (putty or ACS SSH Terminal)

yum install ncdu

then go to the main directory ‘/’, always in the SSH environment and type the following command (where I exclude the directories that I do not want to scan with ncdu)

ncdu -x / –exclude /QSYS.LIB –exclude /QOpenSys –exclude /QIBM –exclude /QNTC –exclude /mount

The result is a screen like the one below where you can immediately see the largest directories at a glance and go down with the arrows inside them to navigate in the sub-directories up to the files, always in order of size:

Warning: from ncdu it is also possible to delete files or folders with the ‘d’ option … pay attention …

For example, I discovered very large dump files in the / home directories of developer users … and the ‘d’ option was very useful!

Roberto De Pedrini

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