Robot | I Inherited an IBM i in 2021, Please Help!

What do you do when your AS/400 talent retires? Get our guide to find out:

It’s a great time to be an IT professional. With the overall shortage of trained IT staff you are in demand. Yet employee turnover is also highest in the tech sector. One day, you’re working comfortably alongside your colleague. The next day, she’s gone—poached by a competitor, reassigned, or retired—and your boss hands you her operating system: “an AS/400”, he says.

“What the heck is an AS/400?” you think. What your boss might not know—and what you’re about to find out—is that this so-called AS/400 is actually the backbone of your entire business! With no in-house expert to teach you the ropes, where can you turn for help?

Start with this recorded webinar! The IBM i experts at HelpSystems have decades of experience and a worldwide presence on the platform. We’ll also introduce you to a recent convert on our staff, Scott Angus, technical support manager for the Robot product line. We’ll also share proven strategies for your successful education in IBM i systems management, including:

-IBM i architectural nuances
-IBM i interface options
-IBM i operational basics
-IBM i security considerations
-IBM i educational opportunities

Most importantly, you’ll learn what your boss really expects from you now and what you need to ask your boss in order to succeed in managing this powerful new platform.

Watch today!

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