08– How to Customize the Boot Process of the Chameleon Web Development FrameWork for IBM i

How the Chameleon Web Development Framework is used to modernize the IBM i, RPG community.

This channel helps IBM i developers to become more proficient in creating browser apps, by presenting step by step instructional videos on how best to use an IBM i Web Development Framework.

We are all about replacing the traditional display files (DSPF) with HTML pages. The Chameleon Framework is a freeware and is available under the standard MIT license, and was built on IBM i for IBM i developers. It provides a comprehensive development environment where RPGLe professionals will be able to create browser apps in matter of minutes.

If you are interested in browser development on IBM I using RPGLe or CPPLe, click on that subscribe button and leave your suggestions in the comments.

* FREE * – Framework to Create Browser Apps on IBM i
Chameleon Web Development Framework for IBM i

Two Guys, Mike Augel and Joseph Park with top level credentials and decades of IBM i experiences. Mike has global expertise in providing business solutions and Joseph brings forth an in-depth development expertise from the lowest bowels of the IBM i to various modern languages on multiple platforms.

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