Storage Best Practices for HA/DR on IBM i – Register Here

It may seem obvious, but extra libraries, objects, and IFS directories not only waste disk storage, but they also cause unnecessary overhead when it comes to your HA/DR plans. It’s not unusual to find IBM i systems with libraries and directories full of large objects that are not really considered critical business data, yet they get included in HA/DR activities.

Why save or replicate libraries that are purely on the system from developers, leftover projects, or just archival? Instead, clean up this wasted storage and unwanted data, save the data you actually need to tape or VTL, and then archive in case someone asks for it!

Join this live webinar where our experts show you how to get started cleaning up your storage. We’ll share some best practices on how to handle storage to improve your HA/DR activities, including:

Separate developer activity off your production partition (VM)
Identify the application and data that is changing
Save archival data to media and remove from the system
Look for stagnant objects: save files, old libraries, ISO images, journal receivers
Reorganize physical files

A messy system absolutely has a negative impact on your ability to meet business continuity objectives. It’s time to stop wasting system resources in storage and processor on non-critical storage!

We look forward to having you join us on December 2!

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