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News:  No Plan To Bring .NET To Power, IBM Says.
Career:  Developers are burned out.
Leadership:  IBM on the Evolving Role of the CIO: Interview with Kathryn Guarini, CIO of IBM.
Modernization:  What is the IBM i and is it worth it?
Programming:  Code your first React UI app.
Training:  How Education Can Save Your Company Money.


No Plan To Bring .NET To Power, IBM Says

“IBM says it currently has no new projects underway to get .NET to run on Power.”

“What’s more, existing efforts to run .NET applications on IBM i that have been backed by Big Blue have apparently drawn very little interest from the vendor community.”

As usual, IT Jungle has put together a fairly comprehensive article detailing the union of .NET on the IBM i.

In summary, “IBM is making headway in helping IBM i and .NET applications come together. It just isn’t likely to be delivered as .NET running directly under IBM i or on Power.


Developers are burned out

“An overwhelming number of developers believe business leaders need to prioritize simplified development processes, according to the report, with 94% agreeing that internal processes, tools or culture are necessary to their feeling safe about taking risks to deploy updates.”

One report shows that “more than 6 in 10 (61%) say their companies’ cumbersome development processes are barriers to innovation.”


IBM on the Evolving Role of the CIO: Interview with Kathryn Guarini, CIO of IBM

“The chief information officer (CIO) has always balanced a variety of IT and business leadership responsibilities. As more enterprise technologies become enmeshed in customer and employee experiences, though, the role of the CIO is expanding and evolving to meet stakeholder expectations.”

Here is an interview with IBMs CIO, Kathryn Guarini. She has an interesting take on the role of the CIO at IBM and what’s next for the future.

“She also describes the current trends and the projected future of the CIO role, how the CIO can use their influence to affect meaningful organizational change, and how aspiring leaders can start building their skills for the future of IT.”


What is the IBM i and is it worth it?

A reader writes into Nick Litten, asking the following question:

“I have been interested in IBM I for some time now (And Z/os). I even went so far as to buy a Power7+ 2u system for my home lab… only to find out the high pricing of IBM-i licensing. Do you really feel the price is justified?”

See his answer here.


Code your first React UI app

“Who wants to create their first UI app?” If you do, here is an example using some JavaScript and the API with Express.

Let’s cover some of the basics.

What is React? “React is a JavaScript library for building a user interface (UI).”

This article will take you through the following steps.

Coding a UI from start to finish
Set up a Proxy
JavaScript imports
Rendering the function
Web Apps & API’s



How Education Can Save Your Company Money

Keeping your IBM i Developers up to date is one of the most important things you can do as a manager of an IT organization.

“Just about every business is looking for ways to save money, create resiliency and improve their business processes.”

One of the most cost-effective strategies is to make sure your RPG Developers are taking advantage of modern RPG development practices.

Key takeaways:

Upskill your seasoned RPG developers
Train your new Developers

“Keeping your employees educated on IBM i will help your company take advantage of IBM i’s modern features, such as the RDi development tool. Your developers will be able to easily modernize your system and improve project completion capabilities. This can save your company money by reducing issues that arise from lack of knowledge, time constraints or staffing. Up-to-date training will arm your employees with everything they need to move your company into the 21st century.”


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